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Ashworths specialises in dealing with property development matters in all its various aspects.  Since the firm started work back in 2000 this has been an area of primary specialisation and we act for a large number of developers and other property professionals.

For a number of years now we have held regular seminars for developers and associated professionals dealing with current matter of interest – including recently seminars on rights of light, joint venture vehicles and restrictive covenants.

We are well versed in site assembly using either conditional contract or options and dealing with the more esoteric side of these including complex provisions in conditional contracts for example addressing responsibility for future and as yet unknown s106 payments or ensuring that trees can be removed at an early stage after signing of option.

We are aware of the need for developers to keep as many avenues open as possible and have dealt on many occasions with selling on the benefit of contracts once planning permission has been obtained.

Restrictive covenants is an area where we have particular expertise.  More often than not in the areas in which we work we find that a site assembly will run into a restrictive covenant issue.  Usually these are addressed by insurance but we also have expertise in assessing potential applications to the Lands Tribunal to modify or remove such covenants.

Rights of light is another area – growing in importance particularly following recent case law -  where we have experience and a good understanding as to when a rights of light surveyor should be asked to become involved and appropriate action taken.

Every development matter from the simple one for one to a complex site assembly requires the full attention of experienced property professionals and at Ashworths this is the service we provide.  We aim to become involved early in the process and to liaise not only with the client but also as required with the architect or specialist surveyor to obtain a full picture of the proposed development and to take a full part in the developer team.

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