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Selling Your Property

We will act on your behalf in connection with the sale of your property and on behalf of your mortgage lender in the redemption of your mortgage.

Our work will include preparation of the draft Contract and Contract package which will be submitted to the buyers solicitors for approval; dealing with enquiries which may be raised by the buyers solicitors; in respect of leasehold properties, obtaining information about the property from your Landlord and Managing Agents.

Once the buyers solicitors have received all the information they need they will be ready to exchange contracts. Following exchange of contracts we will deal with the approval of the Transfer documentation which will formerly transfer the property to the buyer.

On the day of completion we will receive the purchase monies from the buyers solicitors and will arrange the transfer of funds to your mortgage lender to redeem your mortgage. We will also deal with the payment of the Estate Agents fees on your behalf before transferring your sale proceeds to you.
You will need to:-

  • Provide us with details of your Mortgage Lender
  • Provide us with the deeds and documents relating to the property if these are not held by your mortgage lender
  • Complete the Property Information Forms which will be submitted to the buyers solicitors
  • Provide us with details of your Landlord and Managing Agent (Leasehold Properties only)

Please use the links below to read about some of the key aspects of selling a property.

Selling Guidance